The Ringers Review

The magazine for collectors of sheep shearing equipment and memorabilia

Useful Links

Walgett District Historical Society Blog
This site shows the original Fred Wolseley experimental sheep shearing handpieces for the 1880's, magnificent old handpieces plus other stuff as well, like books etc

The National Library Of Australia
A site is where a lot of historical material can be found.

Old Sydney Signs
for those interested in signage/boxes etc which can be purchased.

Shearing World
where those inclined can observe more modern material relating to sheep shearing. This site is very comprehensive and certainly is more modern based but still provides the viewer with much material about shearing
A sheep shearing site for Mr Pieter De Mooy, a Canadian gun shearer and enthusiast. Shearer of pets and small lots and a collector of old sheep shearing items.
Books by Ian Itter about Australia's Rural history