The Ringers Review

The magazine for collectors of sheep shearing equipment and memorabilia


Sheep shearing handpieces are highly sought after and there are many companies involved in the evolution of mechanical sheep shearing in Australia that collectors look for.
Wolseley, Burgon and Ball, Moffat Virtue, Smoko, Lister, Cooper, Stewart are all companies that were involved in the early years.
There are of course many obscure and “hard to find” companies that were more experimental that are even more valuable than those listed. Companies such as Davis, Bariquand, Argentina, Silver and many more.

Listed here are , on the left, two American handpieces. The one with the small comb and cutter is a Stewart 31B from 1938 whilst immediately to its right is an Ameriacn Big Boy with three combs screws in the back.
Below is a Wolseley brass barrel from 1892.