The Ringers Review

The magazine for collectors of sheep shearing equipment and memorabilia


Books about the shearing industry are everywhere and a lot are written from a nostalgic point of view. A lot of early books about the sheep shearing industry cover topics and subjects relating to collecting. One such book is an excellent publication called This Century Of Ours which contains the early history about the Dangar Gedye company and contained within this book are photos of very early Wolseley equipment and its rise to fame. It also contains photos the Dangar Gedye collection of experimental handpieces, which is worth the price of the book alone.
Another excellent publication is the Harry Sowden book called simply Australian Woolsheds. It too covers the Dangar Gedye handpiece collection, together with many photos our shearing shed past. Both books are an excellent collectors guide. There are also many other books of a similar nature to be found.