The Ringers Review

The magazine for collectors of sheep shearing equipment and memorabilia


Collecting items associated with sheep shearing has become very popular amongst all sorts of people. Some have been sheep shearers, some have been involved in the wool industry and some are just interested in the general history of the sheep shearing industry

What do people collect?  The following are some of the items of interest:
Handpieces, Hand Blades, Combs & Cutters, Signs, Tins, Boxes, Books, Engines, Union Tickets and sundry items such as drench guns and medals.
Happy Shearing Days
Names associated with collecting
Cooper, Littles, Quibells, Mc Dougalls, Biggs, Wolseley, Lister, Stewart, Wm. Cooper and Nephews, Burgon and Ball, Golsbrough Mort, Vacdip, Strahans Woolbrokers, Winchcombe Carson, ElderSmith, Youngs, Ronaldson Tippett, Cromptons, Moffat Virtue, Barton Gillette, Biggs, Gibbs, Highland, Donalds are just some of the names to look for when collecting sheep shearing items.